Composing and Arranging

Do you struggle to find a good arrangement of your favorite song? Is there a particular tune that you would like to perform? KeySynth Studios can create a new arrangement in a very short amount of time. Are you looking for a composition to celebrate a particular event or to honor an individual or group? KeySynth Studios can produce commissioned works in many styles and genres for a very reasonable price. Contact us to discuss the details of your particular project. We always enjoy the challenge of creating new arrangements and compositions.


KeySynth Studios can handle a broad range of music transcription services. Jim Colman’s years of experience as a university teacher of music theory, ear training, and computer music notation, his extensive arranging and performing career, and his facility with notation software allow him to produce a quality finished product in the shortest possible time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.   Available services include:

  • Piano/Vocal
  • Transpositions
  • Typesetting hand-written scores
  • Notating performances from a recording
  • Creating arrangements
  • Music analysis
  • Accompaniments
  • Chord charts
  • Lead sheets

Since every creative work has its own complexities and difficulties, a price quote is produced after reviewing each request. To receive a speedy response, please use our Contact page to send a job description. We’ll respond with a request for scans of the job if required.

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